Exporting Report to SFTP Server

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There's a particular table-style report that we need to publish to an SFTP server on a weekly basis. Currently, we have to email the XLSX or CSV file and then manually upload it to the SFTP server. Is there any way to use Domo to schedule and submit files to an SFTP on a regular basis? I see that there is an SFTP writeback connector that's part of the Integration Suite but that seems to be for sending the data from a dataflow back via SFTP, and not the output of a report.


  • swagner
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    @pstrauss did you get this worked out? I have the same need. Thanks

  • AKnowles
    AKnowles Domo Employee

    @pstrauss The SFTP Writeback also has a tile option for Magic ETL. This way you could use the same formulas in your report for the CSV that you recieve from the card to recieve the same results and still write back to an SFTP server. I would reach out to your CSM for the integration suite. If you already have it, you can reach out and they should be able to help you get it to show in Domo as well as use it.

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  • pstrauss

    @AKnowles we looked into the writeback connectors option and unfortunately, it's cost prohibitive to add this feature to our account for just this simple use case.