Dataflow wont run!


Hi I have my dataflow in Domo and it ran fine. I then added a bit to it to bring in more information and it saves and the preview runs fine. I expanded the preview to check the max number of lines. But....when I now go to save and run it, it just tells me DataFlow was saved, but could not be run. Any thoughts on what I can check that is causing this block?

In the dataset overview, I don't have the history option between the lineage and pdp headings.



  • GrantSmith

    Are all your tiles highlighted or are there some that are greyed out (I'd look at these if you have any)?

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    usually if the dataflow isn't bugged (as @GrantSmith suggested), if the dataflow won't run it's b/c it's already running.

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  • nicolac

    Tiles etc all looked fine. Not entirely sure how but its working fine now.