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Hi everyone,

I've asked a similar question before, but I'm struggling to understand how to best combine multiple rows into 1 while still combining the data from the existing columns using a ,. I have a list of students who are enrolled in a course and they share an OrgUnitIDand then have different times when they have logged in and completed assignments.

How do I combine these students who share an OrgUnitID into one row using Magic ETL? I've looked all over the resources I can find and it seems that there have been different ways to do this in the last few years.

So far I've tried to use the Group By tile, but I don't want to create new columns and from what I understand the group_concant function is no longer an option.

Here is an example of what I'm trying to accomplish.

I would like to combine all of the rows in the screenshot into one and then only display the most recent time for DP_DatePosted and all of the columns to the right of it.

Any help with the steps I could take to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated!


  • GrantSmith

    How are you wanting QA_TimeStarted and QA_TimeCompleted and CA_DateAccess handled? Most recent time? Drop them?

    It sounds like you just want to us a Group By tile on the UE_OrgUnitID, OU_MasterCourses_CourseName, OU_CounselsA fields and take the MAX of the DP_DatePosted field.

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  • EWold
    EWold Member

    @GrantSmith Thank you for always being on the ball with questions!

    Yes, I want the most recent times for QA_TimeStarted QA_TimeCompleted and CA_DateAccess.

    So would I add all of the columns I want to bring in or just these 3?

    Also, how would the second part for the new aggregated column look? I wasn't trying to create a new column so this part confuses me.

  • ST_-Superman-_

    @EWold - You don't need to include UE_OrgUnitID in the second part of the ETL tile.

    You only want to aggregate the three time values that you listed earlier.

    QA_TimeStarted -> Maximum

    QA_TimeCompleted -> Maximum

    CA_DateAccess -> Maximum

    This will take your data and provide you with a single row of data for each unique grouping of

    • UE_OrgUnitID
    • OU_MasterCourses_CourseName
    • OU_CourseIsActive

    Each row will contain the most recent value for each of the times listed above.

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  • EWold
    EWold Member

    Thank you, everyone! I now understand how the Group By tile works and was able to get my report completed.