Period over Period - Specific Date Field instead of Current Date


We want to use the Period over Period charts since they make comparisons between different periods very quickly.

As you know there are some requisites to build a PoP chart and one of them is the "Date Range". We noticed that this field takes into account the current date so, for instance, "This Year" today it will give the rows of 2022.

However, we would like the "Date Range" to see a specific date of the dataset instead of the current date. This is for the utmost importance when our data is always updated some prior days of the current and we have a change of period.

Ex: our dataset has a date column that tells the reference date 30/12/2021 and the current day is 01/01/2022. Therefore, the PoP chart would give no data because we are already in a new year although the data is updated.