DataCard Date Range and Dashboard Filtering

AmyStephen Member
edited January 2023 in Charting

Each Department submits data on monthly basis for review by the Organizational Leadership each month.

Each Department has their own dashboard and within each dashboard several DataCards. The DataCards might show data for the past month or could show a monthly value or a trend of data. The Date Range is specified within the Data Card ... it could be "This Month" or "Last 12 Months" or "Last 4 Quarters", etc., and the Date range field is the same for each Data Card. In addition, "Hide Date on Card Details" is not checked and the "Allowing filtering" and "Allow global date" are both enabled for each card within the Dashboard.

The dashboard Date Range filter works perfectly to display the "Previous Month" for single month DataCards. But, for DataCards defined with a Date Range that is a trend (ex. "Last 12 Months" or "Current Year", the Dashboard only shows the previous month and doesn't respect the DataCard Date Range selection.

What configuration is needed so that the Departments and Organizational Leadership can select a Dashboard filter for a previous month and see all of the DataCards presenting trends as those trends displayed during the current month?

Thanks, in advance, for your advice.