OR statements in card filtering


Hi folks - We have a dataset where users can have datapointA and datapointB. We want to build a card where an end user can have a filter that asks for any user has datapointA = 'green' OR 'databpointB = 'circle'.

When we put those two datasets in a dataflow/card and add the datapoints as Quick Filters, it automatically assumes we want datapointA = 'green' AND 'databpointB = 'circle'.

How do we build quick filter conditions that assume ORs?


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    In a word, it's not possible.

    Domo does not support filtering across rows for "or"

    What you could do is create a pipe delimited list for all the datapoints per user


    AllPoints = 'green|circle' then when you filter you can search for "green" and then search for "circle" and choose the one that overlaps.

    if you have too many options this becomes cumbersome. Make sure to create your pipe delimited list sorted in alphabetical order so that

    "green|cirlce" == "circle|green"

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