Scheduled Report not delivered to all recipients

Scott_Ryder Member
edited January 2023 in Governance & Security

I have a scheduled report that is configured to be delivered every morning to two accounts:

  • My account
  • An account with a Social role

For some reason the report is only delivered to my account - the account with the Social role does not receive it and the scheduled report history says that it was sent to '1 person'

If I manually send the report to the same two accounts it is successfully delivered to both accounts and the history says that it was delivered to '2 persons'

I have other scheduled report that are being successfully delivered to 2 users.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?



  • alphonspeter

    I have the same issue:

    But even when manually sending only the owner recieves it, the other person dont.

    Its like a weird bug: maybe we need to delete the schdeule and make it from scratch again. Somtimes building from scratch helps.