Help with dynamic text for information block instead of KPIs

HalD Member
edited May 2022 in Charting

Can anyone help explain how to set up dynamic copy?

Objective : I want to create copy that looks like the example (or some variation) where copy in the parenthesis [] is dynamically pulled values from the record selected in the filter)

Example: [Campaign name] is [description] and start date is on [start date] and has a current status of [status]

I have tried smart text but this seems limited to dataset information, filter information, etc and does not pull specific record values.

I also tried dynamic text ( I am clearly not getting this to work and all I have been able to do is show an aggregate value of one value (for example description, and there are 3 descriptions). I am likely not doing this correctly but not sure how to set this where it will work.

Also open to other approaches.