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Hi Domo Users!

Wondering if other folks can weigh in on how y'all manage your beast modes being created. I'm the Major Domo for my organization and am finding many cases where the SAME beast mode calculation is being duplicated across datasets with the same name. While clean on the dataset side, this becomes a nightmare in the Beast Mode Manager as I can have up to 50 Beast Modes with the same name. Do you let your users create Beast Modes with free reign or are you putting strict guidelines up for beast mode creation? Would love to know what the best practice is here



  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    yikes! that sounds awful.

    Unfortunately Domo doesn't really have strong tools for managing the creation of beast modes.

    you'll notice that there are grants that help you limit who can create a calculation shared to a dataset. but once they are there ... getting rid of them can be a bit of a pain.

    seems to me that training is the way to go. maybe use custom roles and make people earn the privilege of saving beast modes to datasets.

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  • CR-eSobylak

    Hi Jae! Your videos have saved me countless times! I love the series you did on recursive dataflows! Your an inspiration!

    I think our issue is that folks AREN'T sharing it to a dataset, and that causes 3 analysts to make 3 beast modes that do very similar things, if not identical. Instead of a training issue, perhaps it should be a Domo UI feature where Domo makes the Share to Dataset box checked by default? Seems like something that at the very least should be up to the Major Domo and put a toggle in the admin section to choose what the default is for the instance?

    I have no less than 1000000 good ideas on how domo could improve their software, happy to discuss this further if you're interested.