Questions about "Embed Dashboard" = "Public"


My colleague and I are working on a single Domo account; he builds the dashboards in Domo and I embed them in our private portal for customers.

We just noticed today that for the exact same dashboards, when he and both click on the "Embed Dashboard" option, and look at the state of the "Embed options" dropdown, he sees it set to "Off" while I see "Public."

And, this dashboard is successfully embedded in the portal, using the Embed ID that I see. No issues. Appears just as it should.

Further, when he changes this setting from "Off" to "Public" he sees a different five-character Embed ID than I see.

This makes no sense, right? This dashboard either IS or ISN'T embed-able, right? It's a characteristic of the dashboard, not which user is looking at it. I could imagine a crisis if one disgruntled admin sets them all to be embeddable and then left the firm, and the other admins would have to break into his account to turn this off.

Ignore that scenario. It's just me catastrophizing. But why is this different, depending on whether my colleague or I look at this?



  • Anyone?

  • it seems like it should be the same embed ID if you’re logged in as the same user. I’d reach out to dojo support to see if it’s a bug

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  • No, no...we are NOT logging in as the save user. We have different Dino user accounts.

    But shouldn't we see the same settings?

    It's like locking a door. My colleague and I both have the ability to lock it or unlock it but there is only one door. I can't leave it unlocked while he leaves it locked and have both things be true at the same time. The door is either locked or unlocked not both. But with this Domo dashboard it seems it can be both. I leave it unlocked he leaves it locked, and both are true?

    Maybe I'm missing some core concept here.

  • Ah, embeds are unique to the user who created it within Domo so you'd have two separate embed codes since you're using two separate accounts. Not sure why Domo did it that way but that's the current behavior.

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  • Well, wow.

    But, yes, that answers my question here. Thanks!

  • It was done this way in case different users had different use cases for the same content. In Admin, the Domo Everywhere screen can let admin users override the embed status. That is why the content owner and embed owner are different.