Period-Over-Period % Change in Multi-Value / Single Value Gauge

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Hi all,

Still new to DOMO (4~ months) so just learning the ropes. Please point me in the right direction if this is posted incorrectly or if im possibly not understanding something!

I'm trying to accomplish a simple Period-over-Period % Change calculation and it looks like this is an ongoing question/problem and I personally don't understand why to be honest. I have a wide variety of metrics and I want to be able to view time range comparisons dynamically like:

  • Month-to-Month % Change
  • YoY % Change
  • Quarter over Quarter % Change
  • etc

Here is a basic example of some data and two metrics with dates at the 1st of the month from Jan 1, 2021 - Apr 1, 2022. My datasets will be segmented by DAY instead of by month like below, so the below example is just dummy data for this purpose.

I'd like to just use a Multi-Value Gauge, Single Value, Comparative Gauge, Textbox, etc just to see a basic view like this below in a single card element and NOT within a Table or Chart.

Metric Name + Current Value + % Change from Previous Value to Current Value

I unfortunately do not have any actual datasets setup currently that I can share for this example, so any help with the above examples would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.