Can ddx cards automatically filter with normal cards when using page filters?


I am currently making a dashboard and needed a custom image to be used to display a value based on an ID, can ddx cards filter with the rest of the dashboard?

Thanks ! :)



  • Gavatar
    Gavatar Domo Product Manager

    ddx data is filtered with the rest of the dashboard. We have some new example ddx. bricks that should release this month that show how to show a particular image based on a filter "id". Look for "ddx filtered single image" sample.

  • AnwarBham
    AnwarBham Contributor

    convert the image into base64 and store it in a var in javascript , you cannot store it in a dataset as DOMO has the wisdom of limiting the columns to 1024 Chrs.

    then in Js create a function to call the image based on the the ID ie a page filter.

    i have done the same with logos and country flags.