Scheduled reports are aggregated even if the card shows data on a daily basis?

Good afternoon,

Is there a way to have scheduled reports to display data on a daily level? Cards that show monthly data at a daily granularity level can be exported to a .csv/.xlsx at that same level of granularity; however, when distributed via Scheduled Reports, the data comes through at a monthly aggregate level.

Can this be changed so that Scheduled Reports show data at the same level of granularity as the cards?




  • @Joe_M

    How was your scheduled report created? Was it being viewed in a monthly aggregation when it was created or a daily aggregation?

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  • Joe_M
    Joe_M Member

    Good question - I need to confirm with the scheduler. As the reports themselves default to a monthly view, I'm guessing the reports were scheduled at the monthly level.

  • Joe_M
    Joe_M Member

    Ok, so I just tested this out: I've set the date grain to show me two months of data at a daily level. The email I then get shows the following:

    The following filters were applied:

    Last 2 Months, by Day

    The card in the email also reflects this date grain. The attached .csv though shows the data in a monthly rollup.