Windowed Function Beastmode Will Not Update Dynamically

Hi I need help using a windowed function in Domo. Here is my formula making up the "Fall Out Rate Average Line" column: sum(sum(case when `CanceledDate` is not null then `Units` when `DeclinedDate` is not null then `Units` else 0 end)) over() / sum(sum(case when `ApplicationDate` is not null then `Units` else 0 end)) over ()

Everything seems to work dynamically as expected until I apply a filter then the Windowed Function Column does not respond dynamically. (AKA the rate does not update)

Before Screenshot: (Numerator and denominator are highlighted)

After Screenshot: ( you can see the windowed function column is not dynamically updating it is stuck showing .13 the value above before the filter is applied)


  • Have you tried extending how many decimal places are showing on your Fall Out Rate Average Line? 44/319 and 44/329 are pretty similar, so it might just be a display rounding issue for you.

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  • I have tried expanding the decimals yes, I tested it the denominator is stuck at 329. Thanks.

  • @Matt_Umolac93 typically for trouble shooting window functions you should separate components into separate columns. i.e. put the numerator in one column and the denominator in another. this way you can isolate the culprit.

    are you confident your CASE statement is working as expected?

    if you write sum(sum(amount)) over () are you getting expected results? (have you had the feature enabled in your instance)?

    Jae Wilson
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  • Hi Jae, yes I separated out the numerator and denominator to troubleshoot. If I write your statement I am not getting the correct results, rather I get the denominator value before applying a filter.

  • Could you do a call with me to look at this? If you have my work email we can jump on a quick call.