Are bulk uploads possible into a table section in form builder?

edited March 2023 in Datasets

If you create a form with a table section, you still have the option to select bulk upload, but when you download the template it is blank.

I considered creating my own template by finding the section IDs, Item IDs, section Names, and question Names in the output dataset of the form. I Realized a column would have to exist for the unique Row identifier or PseudoID, but it does not have a Item ID.

Is there a way to configure a template for bulk upload of table section responses?

Is it a bug that the template downloads blank ( or that the bulk upload option doesn't go gray(inoperable) when table sections are added)?

Is there additional functionality coming for Table Section Bulk Uploads?


  • MarkSnodgrass

    I am finding that Form Builder is in its infancy as far as feature development and things aren't completely built out. I found their bulk upload to not be very useful as it doesn't provide you any guidance as far as acceptable values.

    I would encourage you to add suggestions to the Ideas Exchange and hopefully they will get included in future releases. I am planning on adding a few myself.

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  • banarescu

    Is there any update on this topic?

    I am struggling as well with having a working template for the bulk uploads in Domo Forms.