Drill down card with display certain columns when clicked.


I have a bar chart with different events such as cta_clicked, navigation_clicked, media_interaction. I have to create a drill down card but I want to display certain parameters and not the whole table For example, if I click on cta_clicked it should only display columns (cta_title,cta_link_text,component name) . When I click on navigation clicked, drill parameters would be ( nav_link_text,nav_link_description,component_name)

Is it possible to do it in Beast mode ?



  • MarkSnodgrass

    Unfortunately, you can't have a drill path card be dynamic in what columns are displayed at this time. A workaround is to build a dashboard and then build cards around your main card that would show the different variations that you want. You would can then configure your main card not to drill, but to interact with the other cards on the dashboard.

    Hope this helps.

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