Create a URL with CONCAT and variable in the middle.

Kervin Member
edited April 2022 in Magic ETL

CONCAT(","&sku=", `VARIABLE` ,"&billto=XXXX)

I am trying to have a cell value where it shows VARIABLE . Everything else is part of a constant URL. I just can't get the variable To be in the middle of the URL. I have worked with others where the variable is on the end and looks like this

CONCAT('<a href="', `PP Item #`, '" target="_blank">', `PP Item #`, '</a>')



  • MarkSnodgrass

    I think your issue is around the double quotes in parts. Here is an example of how I did one similar where ClaimNumber is my variable name:

    CONCAT('<a href="[',
        ']" target="_blank">',

    I found it worked best to break things up into more concat statements than technically necessary to deal with the quotes.

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