How can prevent aggregation when graph by quarter


Hi I would like to visualize the count of customers by month or by quarter.

the data is monthly, so when I graph by month it gives me the correct sum(count).

However when I graph by quarter, the sum(count) of each month within a quarter are summed up, which is not correct. The number of customers at end of Q1 should be the same number of customers at the end of March, not the sum of January through March.

Thank for your help!


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Dali did you want COUNT(DISTINCT) instead of COUNT?

    If so, you cannot COUNT DISTINCT across rows in a table card or graph.

    You might UNION a dataset to your dataset of just distinct customers.

    Jae Wilson
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  • Dali
    Dali Member

    Thanks Jae - You point makes sense.

    I also realize that my use case is complicated by the fact that I have slicers within the data that Domo gets confused on how to aggregate.

    if I didn't have filters/slicers/series, I would just need to make sure the measure has no aggregation (this is the solution for my simpler use case). In that case, I can graph by Month or Query without having the month counts being summed up.

    I was also told about dynamic segmentation, that I am yet to explore.