Is there a way to set access restriction to Administrators?

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I’d like to create the following cards.

・Monthly working hours and overtime hours by department (all managers can see)

・Monthly working hours and overtime hours by person (drill down from the card by department, managers can see only their own department)

Our issue is that IT department(Administrators in DOMO) can see everyone’s data.

Is there any ways to setup the restriction or workaround?

One of our idea is that we’re trying to create access log report and check who see the card and dataset regularly. Because my understanding that we cannot set any restrictions to Administrators. 



  • GrantSmith

    You’re correct. Administrators are allowed to see all data so you wouldn’t be able to restrict their access.

    you could set up an alert on the access logs to send an alert if someone other than the approved users accessed the card but they’d still have access to it and the data.

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  • ST_-Superman-_

    I think the other concern, even if they didn't view the specific card that you had the alert on, the admin could still just view the raw data set.

    I think there is a beta feature in the works to allow "departmental admins". I don't know if the beta is actually available now or not, but you could potentially create two "departments" in your instance and keep this dataset in one department and all of your other data in a department that IT would administer.

    Not really a solution (yet), but this is a problem that Domo is aware of.

    Ultimately though, someone would still be the admin for your entire instance, and that admin would still have access to all data in the instance, regardless of department.

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