Drill Path Filter to show Specific Apt's without a Specific Procedure


Hey guys,

I'm afraid that the answer to my question is that I need to do it in ETL, but I was hoping that it could be done via a beast mode instead. Basically I have a list of procedures done by our dentists that looks similar to below:

Dentist | Procedure | Procedure Date| Appointment Number | Patient

Dr B | D0330 | 4/1/22 | 80362 | I. M. Madeup

Dr B | D0261 | 4/1/22 | 80362 | I. M. Madeup

So an appointment number will have multiple procedures listed under it. I want to create a drill path that shows only the patients who don't have a specific procedure scheduled in their appointment.

So basically I want to look at the case when an appointment number has the Procedure D0330 scheduled during it, and then I want to exclude it in that drill path view. Is this possible using a beast mode or would I have to set it up in magic ETL?

If it does need to be done in ETL what would be the best way to tie that procedure code to every row of the appointment number?


  • GrantSmith

    You should be able to filter that out in your card on the drill path using the card filter in analyzer.

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  • jordan_platinum

    So I can filter out those specific Procedures, but that Patient and their aptnum will still show up in the drill path, because those procedures only take up one row of what is normally 4-5 rows associated with that appointment if that makes sense.