Do end users need a license to view Domo apps?


I just finished watching Domopalooza 2022 and was impressed with the features announced, but a question I still have is, do end users need a license to view a domo app? Our problem is that we have a limited number of licenses but want to distribute some of our visualizations to our salesmen. Is this possible with Domo apps? Thank you.


  • GrantSmith

    Yes, if they're interacting with the app you'd likely need a license. You may also be able to utilize Domo Embed / Domo Everywhere to embed the visualizations within a website which would go based on impressions and not need a Domo license. I'd talk with your CSM about your use case and what the best solution might be.

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  • Pierce13

    Thanks for the prompt response. I will talk with my CSM.