Alerting on Non-updated Dataset

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I am trying to create an alert on a dataset coming in through the email connector for when it doesn't update after 24 hours, for example. The dataset doesn't fail and therefore send a notification email because there is no email coming in to fail. But the dataset is no longer up to date and the connection needs to be checked. I am unable to find a way to create an alert for when something doesn't update after a certain period of time.


  • CKunz
    CKunz Domo Employee

    Hi @Kmeyers,

    You can do this by creating an ETL or View on either the dataset or on a DomoStats dataset.

    DomoStats will have a Last_Run_Date and individual datasets will have a _BATCH_LAST_RUN_ date.
    You can then use a DATEDIFF() formula between now() and one of the 2 dates above, which will provide you with how many days since the last update. You can then set an alert that sends you a notification if "days since last update" is equal to or greater than 1.