Original, historical dataset of recursive dataset still needed after 1st run?


Sometimes when we bring in a new data table into DOMO, we'll want, for example 5 year rolling history. And instead of pulling 5 years of data every day, we pull it once, feed it into an ETL output, then change the input of this ETL from the original 5 year dataset to the new output. then append a 1 day update.

My question is, once I have built the recursive dataset, will deleting the original 5 year pull dataset break anything? I would think no since its been transferred, but sometimes when I go to delete these sets, even though it shows 0 lineage and 0 cards, I get a warning the this will have effects. I am not sure if maybe this warning  is just a slight glitch.


  • GrantSmith

    If you reload the page does it still show it as having other objects being affected?

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  • Jbrorby

    After I reloaded it, it changed to say nothing would be affected. So thats good.