How to find the owners of the Beast Modes?



I am trying to build a card that shows the broken beast mode by owner name, but can't find the owner name. I tried to link the 'DOMO Governance - Beast Modes' data set with the 'activity user' dataset which gives me the owners of the card, page, and even dataset, but how do I find the owner of the dataset?

Any help will be appreciated.




  • MarkSnodgrass

    You can join the Domo Governance Beast Modes dataset with the Domo Governance Datasets dataset to get the dataset owner of the beast mode.

    They also have a Domo Governance Cards dataset that you can join to the Domo Governance Beast Modes dataset to get the card owner of a dataset.

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  • GrantSmith


    Domo currently doesn't provide the actual owner of the beast mode in the governance datasets, only the card owner. I'd recommend putting this as an idea in the Idea Exchange.

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  • ankt84


    Thanks @GrantSmith, @MarkSnodgrass for your responses.