No Domo Actions returned via /v1/domoactions API

Chet Member
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I published a Domo Action which was approved by the Connector Team and was able to add it to my API Accounts in the Domo UI. When I query the domoactions API, I get no results.

'' -> []

Also when I try to get the list of accounts to retrieve my account id, I get the following error message.




<error_description>Insufficient scope for this resource</error_description>



I have verified with my Domo contact that all the right features are enabled. I am trying to develop a custom app to call my Domo Action for a Partner App we are building. thanks


  • Chet
    Chet Member

    Also have all the scopes selected when I create my developer client/secret.

  • GrantSmith


    Do you have multiple client IDs and secrets? Have you confirmed you're using the correct one (This has happened to me multiple times)?

    Are you able to make that API request using another tool like Postman to narrow down if it's something with how Domo is sending the request with the Domo action or if it's how Domo is interpreting the API request in the backend?

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