Grouped Bar - Hiding bars at dashboard view


I have a Grouped Bar card.

If you go into card view, you can click on the name of the bars in the legend to hide/show them.

However, from the dashboard view, clicking a bar name in the legend doesn't do anything.

From the dashboard view, is there anyway to hide specific columns? Could it be done through a filter card, or are there any options I can activate in the card or dashboard settings?



  • You should be able to do this. Edit your dashboard and then choose Change Interaction on this card and see what the settings are. I have a bar chart like this and I can uncheck items in the legend. Here is what my interaction settings look like.

    You can also check the filter exceptions. Mine look like this.

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  • user12621

    I've done some testing, and it looks like it depends on whether your bar chart is using dimensions (text) or measures (numbers) for the y axis and series.

    When using dimensions for the y axis and series, you CAN click the legend at dashboard view to hide/show bars.

    When using measures for y axis and series, you CANNOT click the legend at dashboard view to hide/show bars.