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I am trying to generate a data set for client churn by month and I'm running into an issue. I need to be able to calculate total clients (running total) up to a specific month and total lost clients that month.

The final data should look something like this. You can imagine there were 5 new clients in November, 10 new clients in December and 25 new clients in January.

I run into an issue when trying to calculate running total number of clients. I can't seem to find a way to use rank & window or group by to be able to calculate the total number of clients before a given date. I can easily see how many clients were added within a given month but I cannot seem to achieve a running total.

How might I accomplish this?


  • To do a running total with the rank & window tile, choose Sum and then choose unbounded and 0 following and sort by date ascending.

    I'm not sure how you are determining lost clients, so you may need to explain more how that is determined if you need help on that.

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    That worked! Thanks!