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Jerome_pesso Member
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We have a no SQL database, where our data is stored in Json format. Which is nested and has further nesting based on one to many relationships. We need to have a particular tabular form or method to map this dynamically changing data into domo


  • ArborRose

    I use json oAuth connectors. Within the settings configuration there is a section for "Parsing." You can select one of the nested branch heading and expand it to create a dataset based specifically on that branch.

    For example, one of my branches holds "items". Expanding items creates a schema of columns that are the elements of the item branch.

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  • McSQL
    McSQL Domo Employee

    Agree with what ArborRose said. If you need more customization than this, you can use the new Jupyter integration. Within Jupyter, you can write custom python code to parse the information and transform it in to the desired format.

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