Is there a way in Domo to show/hide columns in a table type of card ?


so I have a table card which has 10 total columns (i.e. column 1-10). I want to give an option on my end application (where I would embed my dashboard) to user to see only selected columns dynamically in this table.

So a user can select that I don't want to see column 5 and column 8, so this table should hide those 2 columns for that user.

How can I achieve this ?


  • there is not currently a way in a table card to allow the end user to conditionally hide columns. You could use PDP to hide values if you need to hide sensitive information.

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  • michiko
    michiko Contributor

    If you pivot your data into the structure below, you might be able to achieve that..

    Date, Column Name, Value

    render using a pivot table and set the Column Name as filter

  • jburticus
    jburticus Member
    edited January 26

    @MarkSnodgrass Is this still a limitation? It would be great if there was a beast mode function to hide/show columns. E.g. Case when metricname = 'Budget' then showcolumns (1,2,3 ) when metricname = 'Actual' then showcolumns(4,5,6) else showcolumns(all) end. Something along those lines would be amazing…

  • DavidChurchman

    Search for the 'Dynamic Columns Brick' in the appstore. It's relatively easy to set-up and does what you're describing in your original post.

    Otherwise, I would use @michiko's suggestion. Or, if you want a filter that's 'Budget' vs. 'Actual', then after pivoting your data, you could add a column with a case statement like you described coding the columns to Budget or Actual and use that as your filter.

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