Color rules gone from Cards


Hi all,

today I opened one of my dashboards and the Color Rules seem to be gone. I did not edit anything. Anyone else had same experiance? What could be the reason? The only thing that happened is that I run the data pull from Salesforce, but nothing on dashboards or the cards.... very strange.

Thanks for any input. Caroline


  • GrantSmith


    If you go into Analyzer on a card do the color rules still exist on the card or are they completely gone? Did the values that you're applying the color rules to change at all?

    I did have some issues recently where a dashboard decided to move some cards to the Appendix without any user input recently. If you color rules are missing I'd recommend reaching out to Support with a bug ticket.

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  • CarolineRogg1

    Hi Grant,

    they are entirely gone. And not only from one cards, also not related ones too. But only for my Case Age and First Response. I added them back, was not a big deal. Will watch if that happens again. The only thing I can recall doing is adding filters to the overall dashboard.

    Thanks again. Caroline