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I'm looking for a quick way to go to a dashboard and then find out which data sources are being used for any of the cards on that dashboard. If that dashboard has something like 20 cards it would be nice to be able to see a list of the data sources used. I know I can go to the data source, and then see which cards it is powering, but I'm looking to work backwards here.

I've inherited a few dashboards and instead of going through each card to see what the data source is I'm looking to save time and just get a list so I can visit those sources directly.


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    @Cterp you can get this info from the Cards and Datasets Report from Domostats. It has the card id, title, page id, page name, and the dataset id and name powering the card.

    I use this under a table card and just filter by the page name to quickly see what datasets are powering the cards on that page.

  • Cterp

    @mhouston thanks for pointing me to that! I'm actually having trouble finding the right report though, I don't see the one you are mentioning. I can find a Datasets report, but not a card specific report. I can barely find anything about cards - it looks like only in the activity log and it just tells you if a card was created and who it was created by. I'm wondering if I don't have something enabled? Even in the Domostats document there's very little info about cards, and the section that it talks about the Activity I can't even recreate the example they give (added_to not an option, none of the "card" types will show me a page id etc.) any additional ideas?



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    @Cterp My apologies - I mixed up the connectors. The Domo Governance Third Party Connector is the one that has the "Cards and Datasets" report:

    KB article: