Group in Beast Mode


Is there a calculated field in beast mode to group names for a filter? For example, data looks like this on card slicer:

Customer A- UK

Customer A-USA

Customer A- Mexico

Customer B- UK

Customer B-USA

Customer B- Mexico

Is there way of grouping Customer As and Customer Bs together to show on the card slicer only the following:

Customer A

Customer B



  • GrantSmith

    You'd want to split your data so you have two columns, one for customer and one for country. You can use SPLIT_PART to split the strings based on a specific character and which part you want:

    Customer (get the first part when splitting the string into sections based on the - character:

    SPLIT_PART(`field`, '-', 1)


    SPLIT_PART(`field`, '-', 2)

    Then use that customer beast mode as your card slicer. You'd want to make sure to save the beast mode to your dataset.

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