Where did the Salesforce Advanced Connector go??

I was trying to load new data today, but cannot find the Adapter I was using in the past. I believe it was Salesforce Advanced Connector. It was marked as Preferred.

Or was it replaced by another connector? I tried to use the Salesforce with Upsert, but this is giving me errors...

Thanks for any help!


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  • Thanks for the quick answers!! I was searching it today in the Connector list. My colleague confirmed, he also does not find it anymore. Existing data connections work though. I will send Screenshots Monday as I am out today.

  • Another colleague sent me this link, so I have at least access to it again https://www.domo.com/appstore/connector/salesforce-advanced-connector/overview.

    Still, when I search for it, it does not show up. Not under Connectors, nor in the Appstore. Screenshot below of what shows up, when I search for Salesforce. Maybe a setting done by our Admins? I will ask them.


  • The SF Connector is back in the Connector search again!