Colors not applied to card on dashboard

I'm seeing a weird issue where the Colors applied to a card are not applied when I view the Card on the Dashboard.

When I open the Card in detail or Analyzer view, the colors are correct.

I have 4 of the same cards with 1 filter changed on each, and one of the 4 cards correctly displays the colors...

I do not see any differences besides the one field being filtered differently between my cards, and I don't expect a difference because I created them by using Save As x3.

I updated the Dashboard Background text colors just in case it would make a difference but nothing changed (which makes sense, but just figured I'd check).

I changed the Dashboards where the cards were assigned, no difference.

I recreated the cards, removed and re-applied the colors, verified the color rules and nothing seems to change the output.

Has anyone else come across this or have an idea how I can get the correct Colors to appear while viewing the Cards on the Dashboard?


  • @azyda when view the dashboard, if you click on the card title of one of the cards that is not displaying correctly so that you can view it individually in full screen mode, do the colors work? If so, it seems like there is some sort of bug and you might need to reach out to support, .

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  • Aww, yes, they do display correctly when I expand. I will reach out to support. Thanks for the quick response!