Number Format issues at dashboard/instance level

Gionniz Contributor


even if I am a Domo user since a bit of time, I keep finding extremely tricky the setting of number format.

For example we would like to set the number format with "." for thousands and "," for decimals everywhere in a Domo instance (chart, kpi, summary numbers, hover text, tooltips, tables etc...) and so far it was not possible to find a proper solution.

Here, some issues I am frequently facing:

- in gauges cards there is a "Number Format" option in " Chart Properties" that allows to set decimal and thousands separator, but this in not present in many other card types (i.e. tables), and moreover it does not apply to hover text and tooltips.

- in "Chart Properties" > "General" it is possible to set "Decimal Places". This setting has a priority on the format of the "Value" field and it affects the main chart or gauge, BUT it does not apply to summary numbers and tooltips.

- not to mentions the "multi-value" card which is even more complicated

- summary number is affected by "number format" only if "Edit Dashboard" > "Display setting" is excluding the chart (BUT it does not apply to the hover text). So there are some little issues of compatibility even within the analyzer and the dashboard editor.

- sometimes, in order to format number as we want, we use formatted "beast mode" or custom solutions or we convert the value to string, BUT this is not optimal as it is very slow and costly in terms of maintenance.

We would need a global setting for number format that apply to every element in the whole instance, with the possibility to handle exceptions for single cards,

would this be possible?

Thank you very much,