How to change the owner of a data connector


Anyone knows how to switch the owner of a data connector? I have created a few connectors such as Adobe, Elqoua etc. How to switch the onwer of these connectors to other people?




  • JasonAltenburg
    edited January 2022

    There should be a pencil icon near your name on the overview of the dataset created with the connector. This will allow you to re-assign the owner.

    When you re-assign the owner, it may prompt you with a warning such as:


    Account Access Warning

    The new account owner may not be able to update the data source without access to, the account that is currently powering this data source.

    By granting access, the new owner will not have access to your account credentials, but will be able to create additional data sources using this account.


    To share or edit accounts, you can go to the Data tab, and select Accounts (key) on the left as in the following screenshot.

  • MarkSnodgrass

    Unfortunately, you need to create a new account, which you can do in the data center under the accounts sections, and then you can go to the dataset using the connector and then choose the new account you just created under the settings section.

    You can share the account, but you can't change the owner.

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