GA4 (Google Analytics 4) in Big Query - best practices for unnesting in Domo?


Hey everyone - first post here!

Curious if anyone is using GA4 data stored in BigQuery inside Domo, and if so, are you unnesting things after connecting to BigQuery, or are you doing that in BigQuery as a pre-process step?

Any best practices to share would be very much appreciated!


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @cpbwg

    Typically when I’m dealing with nested data in BigQuery I will unnest the data first as it’s fairly difficult to have Domo do the unnesting. Domo’s architecture expects things to be in a flat tabular format for processing. You can always group your data and then combine values together with a comma using the group by tile in a magic ETL data flow

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  • cpbwg

    I figured so. When I do the unnesting, I’m left with key-value pairs and a join key. I’m used to having to expand out horizontally to do analysis by columns…. It assuming things are row-repeats with different key-value pairs - do you have some insights or anything to share for how to analyze key-value data instead of columnar data? I realize this may be a noob question - but I’d appreciate the guidance!

  • nicofernandez

    The way I've found → Google BigQuery > Struct to Array to JSON > to Python to columns