Beast Mode returning greater than 100% for Performance KPI

Primenumber2 Member
edited January 2023 in Beast Mode

To keep it as short as possible, I have an On-Time delivery KPI. However, I have to measure on-time/late from two different columns depending on the type of delivery it was. I'm using this beast mode formula to capture those criteria, and then just simply divide it by the total number of deliveries:

(sum(case when `mode`='FTL' and `stop type`='Drop' and `on time / late (2 hrs)`='On Time' and `route category`= 'Transfer' then 1 else 0 end)+sum(case when `mode`='FTL' and `stop type`='Drop' and `on time / late`='On Time' and `route category`<>'Transfer' then 1 else 0 end))/count(case when `mode`='FTL' and `stop type`='Drop' then `route` end)

This formula keeps resulting in % that are over 100%. My first thought was an order of operations, but changing the formula either results in the same answers or something that is less than 1%.

I'll also note that when I take out the count denominator, I get the accurate number of on time deliveries between the two criteria, which makes me believe the denominator or the formula is the issue. Anyone ever have this issue?