I want to create a card that provides an average monthly overview


So, we have a dataset which runs once per day and captures user log in data. It captures the latest log in count number for each user for the last week, 30 days and all time, so that we can keep track of how frequently the system is being used. I could then, for example, on the card see that on X date, we had 54% of users active within the last week, 75% active within the last month, and 99% active all time.

However, I need to create a separate card that shows an average, so that I could, for example, see what the average stats were for the previous month so that I could compare it with stats for the current month. Any ideas on how I could accomplish this?


  • GrantSmith

    You could just set your date range selector on your new card to be Last Month and then in the column aggregation (click the column name after you add it to your card) and select Aggregation > Average.

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  • TanyaTaylor

    @GrantSmith Thank you, I just tried this but I think I'll need to make some changes to the dataset itself. I didn't build the original card or dataset, I inherited them, and it seems that all the existing stats are created using Beast Modes such as:

    Adoption Rate L7D

    SUM(CASE WHEN `im360_logincountlast7days` > 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)/COUNT(DISTINCT `SystemUserId`)

    I tried creating a new Beast Mode that gets an Average for the above, but that results in the following error:

    "An issue has occurred during processing. We are unable to complete the request at this time." 

  • TanyaTaylor

    @GrantSmith Inspired by your response I have re-worked the dataset and managed to get it at least partly working now.

    The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how to get an average user count, as this is currently based off a Count(Distinct) Beast mode using email address, and I don't think that can be done on the dataset.