SSO Sign-in Problem with Domo Mobile App for Android

Tow Member

We are using the Domo Mobile App and signing in using SSO (SAML). We are having the problem with the Android version, does anyone know of a solution?


Launch the App for Android -> Domo sign in screen -> SSO (IDP) -> Domo sign in screen -> (Loop)

What we have tried:

- Domo activity log shows successful SSO sign-in

- App cache and data deleted

- Android rebooted.

I suspect it's a bug in the Web View cache control in the Android App, but I'm not sure.


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  • Tow

    Thank you for your answer, @amehdad. There is no error message.

    It just loops between the sign-in screen and the SSO authentication form.

    Looking at the logs, both the IDP side and Domo authentication are successful, so I think it's an issue with the application.