Getting Current User Profile Data


I'm currently working on a custom application that allows users to submit data. We would like to be able to capture a field from their Domo profile in order to apply PDP when showing the data that they have submitted. Is there a way that we can capture current user data from Domo when the user is viewing the card?


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @MosesWynn

    You can utilize a Dynamic PDP policy for a trusted attribute. I've done it in the past using an employee ID to dynamically apply PDP when they're looking at specific pages.

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  • MosesWynn

    @GrantSmith - thanks! That is what I was hoping to do, but first I need to be able to pull in the user data when they are submitting the form. I was able to find the information I need here

    I am going to pull the domo.env.userId field and that should allow me to apply PDP.