Possible To Update All Cards On A Dash At Once?


Hi - seeking recommendations on a faster/better way to update datasets and dimensions for all cards on a dashboard.

Currently clicking through each card (80+ on one dash) to update to a new dataset, and also to remove a filter. Going to add a dash-level filter once all the card-level filters are removed, but wondering if there's a faster way to remove the filters which are currently applied, and also a way to update the datasets all at once.



  • GrantSmith

    There isn’t a mass update for cards in the UI. The next simplest option would be to use the Java CLI to export your cards with the back-card command modify the resulting JSON in the files you export it to and the restore the card using the API. You could write a script to have the CLI run which would connect to your instance and then export each card ID with the commands. You can tell it what script to run by passing in the -script flag and a file name when starting the CLI. Make sure you back up your cards / export files as their original values just in case something is messed up during the process.

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  • To help with the dataset conversion, you can go to the data center and then click on the dataset that the cards are tied to and then click on the cards tab and choose "switch cards to a different dataset" and select the dataset you want to move them to. This will move all of those cards to that dataset along with the beast modes.

    There is not a quick and easy way to change filters on all cards, unfortunately.

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