Converting UTC to Central - Daylight Savings

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edited March 2023 in Datasets

Good morning,

One of the databases I pull data from into DOMO uses UTC, so, to get it to Central time (my time), in the ETL I just do

CONVERT_TZ((`HC_store_orders.created`), 'UTC','America/Chicago')

However, the tricky part is that it seems to convert to Chicago time based on what Chicago time is today, versus what it was at that time.

So in other words, right now I'm 6 hours behind UTC, but, in October, before we fell back due to DST, we were only 5 behind.

So instead of my HC_store_orders.created reading 10/22/2020 3:14 PM, it is reading 2:14 PM.

And since the fall back, jump forward days vary year to year, I can't think of any way around this.

This stemmed from wanting to find customers who placed a store order X amount of days after receiving an email. The Database is annoying because in this case the email sent date is in their DB as central time, but the store order table is in UTC.

So, the email was sent at 10/22/2020 at 3:04 PM, and the order was placed after at 3:14 PM, but due to above, it is showing the order came in before the email and therefore that email is not getting credit.

I'll probably just end up using date only for now, instead of time, but just thought I'd get others' thoughts/experiences