Pacing Card?


I wish I had access to my old domo! I built this there but cannot recall how to do it now.

I attended Dreamforce a few years ago and while there someone built a bar chart that showed how you were "pacing" compared to the same time last month

For example, last month we had 1000 phone calls for the month. By the Oct 17th we had 600 calls. This month we have 700 calls by the 17th of the month. The card "filled up" the current months bar as the month went along and showed if you had more or less than the previous month at that some point in time. This way you could see how well you were doing compared to the month prior. Very helpful to show if say your phone calls, or leads, or whatever were doing short term compared to the previous month.

There was a little bit of coding but not much.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? I don't see any documentation



  • GrantSmith

    You could utilize a custom date dimension with offsets to calculate the current date's count and also the count for the same day in the prior month, then you could utilize some window functions to calculate a running total for the current month and compare it to the same time as last month or alternatively just calculate the total for last month.

    These articles may be of benefit to you:

    Date Dimension with Custom Offsets:

    Running Totals:

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  • Canioagain

    Haaaaa, I was just looking at your documentation.

  • Canioagain

    @GrantSmith this isn't quite what I was looking for. I don't think the person that did it is with Domo anymore. He created a "month split" beast mode

  • @Canioagain

    One way that I handle this is to use the period over period card and set the date range to This Month and graph by Month and compare to 1 Month Ago. Then, to keep the previous month to only showing its total to the same amount as where the current month is at (i.e. compare through the 17th for each month) I create a beast mode like this:

    ELSE 'Exclude' END)

    I then put this beast mode in the filter and filter to include. This should show you how your are pacing in the month.

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  • Canioagain

    @MarkSnodgrass that is awesome! thank you. I built it out and it's basically says the same story. It's not what I had built in the past, but it will definitely work. Great explanation. That was easy to follow.