How to reactivate a dataflow disabled from inactivity?


I have a fairly comprehensive dataflow. Most of the datasets that are a part of this dataflow update nightly, but there are some others that only get updated monthly due to limitations in how we get the data then how it gets in to Domo. We use the email connector and when we receive the statement once a month email it via that connector. Now trying to upload new data it says the dataflow for this data has been disabled due to inactivity. the connector is refreshing but it isn't flowing through to the master dataset.

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    Have you tried manually running it? I believe that forces it to re-activate. I have some disabled datasets and the instructions say to manually run it to re-activate it.

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  • Golfoholic

    @amehdad @MarkSnodgrass Ok I got it figured out. For reference to anybody that might come across this in the future. when you look at the dataset there will be a button where you would go to manually run the dataset that will ask to 'resume' click that, then that same button will say 'run' and you can run manually.

    Why it wasn't flowing through to the master dataset was that in one of the steps in the sparefoot dataflow transformation there was an issue in one of the joins that needed