Question related to case when formula in beast mode



I would like to ask about the beast mode formula related to this situation. I would like to get the data like this:

  1. If rating 'Superb' and 'Outstanding' are below 10 % then it's 'Below'
  2. If rating 'Superb' and 'Outstanding' are above 35% then it's 'Over'
  3. However, 'Superb' shouldn't be more than 5%

What is the suitable formula in beast mode to answer the case above?

Thank you!




  • GrantSmith

    Hi @ndldty

    You can do something like this with a case statement (assuming superb and outstanding are separate value columns):

    WHEN `Superb` < 0.10 AND `Outstanding` < 0.10 THEN 'Below'
    WHEN `Superb` > 0.35 AND `Outstanding > 0.35 THEN 'Above'

    As for the Superb can't be more than 5% that doesn't really fit with your other logic - Meaning it can never be above. Can you clarify the Superb can't be more than 5% statement?

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