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Hi Folks - I've got a Publication Group defined in our Domo instance and it includes a bunch of data sets (20+) and cards (30+). For each user (user type = Participant) added to the Publication Group we personalize their view via one common variable across all data sets and cards: NPID.

For example, we limit their view into the datasets and cards to those records where NPID=1000000002 for Sally or, for a different user, John, where NPID=1000000003, etc.

It may be important to note that these users have email addresses outside the domain of our Domo instance. By that I mean, our Domo instance is the domain, and these users are from other domains like Each one is actually a different domain.

We had 5 users defined this way, and everything was working fine.

When we went in yesterday to add more users and define the NPID segmentation for them, we ran into an issue. Domo indicates that "There are no items in the filtered set" when we get to Step 4 - People of the Pub Group definition. In other words, previously, when we added a new user to the Pub Group, we'd get a list of the NPIDs in the data sets and we'd choose the one for this particular user. Now, Domo is saying there are no NPIDs in the filtered set.

We haven't changed anything in the definition of the Pub Group, and the new user was added as a Participant just like the previous users.

Has something changed with Pub Groups in Domo with the last release(s)?

Any thoughts on why we're getting the new message - "no items in the filtered set"?




  • GrantSmith

    Hi @jeff_patrick

    Can you see records for those NPIDs in your dataset? Did it change at all? If it's being modified by a dataflow - has that dataflow been changed?

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  • jeff_patrick

    Hey @GrantSmith - thanks for the note. Yes, I can see the NPIDs in the dataset. But, I realized after I posted that I had updated the data schema and data flow. So, I deleted the pub group and reset it up. That took care of the issue. Thanks for taking the time to help out,