Filtering Pages and Sub pages in embed dashboard

Seth Member
edited November 2021 in Charting

Hi, I'm new to Domo, and I'm trying to do something that I do not know if its possible.

I have a list of Reports created. These reports are in different 'buckets'



___Report 1

___Report 2


___Report 3

___Report 4

When the user clicks on Level 1 i.e Facility, it would populate a radio button list of the reports,

When they click on the Report in the radio button list it would then change the 3rd card to show the actual report.

Is this even possible? I'm basically trying to get the 'Dashboard' Navbar into an embeded report.

Is there a better way to do this?

Should I use Javascript and have the 'report selector' done on website, and then pass the report into domo?



  • GrantSmith

    Hi @Seth

    you’d need to have your website handle the report selections and then dynamically change the URL of the embedded report for the last step

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