Is there a way to reference a segment in a BeastMode?


Is there any way to reference a Segment within a BeastMode formula? For example, I want to show the difference between a filtered total and the segment (which excludes filtering). Below is the BeastMode.

Here is the segment definition:

The Do Not Filter columns are part of our organization tree. We want to see the difference between the filtered part of the organization and compare against the org without any applied filters.

When applied to a chart it looks like this:

I am trying to build a single value card that will show the difference between these two. Domo has both calculation results available (because it's displaying both) but I don't know how to reference the segment in a formula.

It would be really messy to try to add this into the dataflow layer because of the number of org tree nodes that we have.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @kofagerburg

    Segments aren't available within a beast mode. You could try to use a DataFlow to attempt to aggregate all of your data and then stack it / append rows with your dataset such that you now have an "ALL" row. You'd need to make sure though to include the ALL value when doing your filtering. You'd then want to use some beast modes with a case statement to filter out the ALL for the filtered part of the organization and then use a beast mode to explicitly filter for ALL to get the metrics for all of the company. It's not the cleanest option but how you could possibly get around your issue.

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  • @kofagerburg you might consider using the comparative fill gauge to show this difference. It has the ability to compare the difference between two different fields, which is what you are wanting to do. Here's the KB article for it.

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