how can i filter colunms?


I have data like below on excel sheet to monitor KPI of multiple products.

Product 2021/02 2021/03 2021/04
A       5       4       5
B       4       3       2
C       2       3       4

how can i create/modify on domo so KPI and month can be labeled and create a line chart below?


  • MichelleH


    You will want to reformat your data so that each row represents a single product and month. Then when you upload the Excel file into Domo, you can create a line graph card with Month on the X axis, the value in the Y axis, and Product in the Series.

  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user007345

    You'll want to reformat your data to be in the format of:

    Date | Product | Count

    Put the Date field on your x-axis, product as your series and Count as your y-axis.

    You should be able to use the Unpivot or Dynamic Unpivot on a new magic etl dataflow to restructure your data.

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